Yellowtail Tuna Fishing on Spinning Tackle

Yellowtail tuna are an exciting fish to tackle on baitcasting or trolling gear but try spinning gear???? That’s right…you can go tuna fishing with spinning gear. BUT you need the right rod and reel combo…like the excellent Penn Spinfisher V spinning reel (models 6500 – 10500) loaded with 500+ yards of 50 lb braided line. These reels are heavy duty and real workhorses. The Spinfisher V 10500 reel holds a whopping 750 yards of 50 lb test braided line or 580 yards of 80 lb braided line. These are ideal for tuna fishing or marlin and shark.

Watch this Yellowtail Tuna fishing video featuring the Penn Spinfisher V spinning reel. It’s pretty exciting. The fishing takes place off of the coast of Costa Rica.

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