Twitter Earth or Twitter Earth is a social media visualization effort. It provides a global image mapping twitter activity. Social media and of course Twitter have brought communication to lands where technology and capital make it unobtainable. Third world countries can now be heard internationally. This will bring about change which should have occurred long ago. Millions of people and cultures are living in the past.


Now you can hear everyday people from every country. Get first hand news from the actual people making and watching history.

Twitter Earth has moved to You can follow the visualization of global communications there.

Some Twitter statistics that are amazing.

  • 300 Billion tweets since Twitter started
  • Over 241 million users around the world
  • The largest user of Twitter is China with 35 million users
  • 63% of businesses have a Twitter account

Want to communicate directly with a business? Tweet them. Want to see the latest products being developed? Watch Twitter and see what they are promoting. Businesses often release information on their products and sometime need public opinion. Here’s you chance to engage businesses about products.

If you have a business or are starting one, you need to get on social media like Twitter. The audience is huge. You can get your ideas and products in front of millions of people/consumers.

Here are the top reasons why people follow businesses on Twitter.

  • Discounts and promotions
  • Free merchandise
  • Fun and entertainment
  • Upcoming sales
  • Access to exclusive content

Twitter is “realtime” news. If you want to see what’s going on in Syria, Egypt, Israel or China, then watch Twitter. People on the streets are reporting news as it happens. The great thing about people reporters is that there is no bias or content blocking. News stations are controlled by governments and may not report everything as it occurred.