Tuna Reels – Shimano Talica 25

The Shimano Talica 25II is an excellent trolling/conventional style reel for tuna fishing. It’s made just like all Shimano tackle, heavy duty and tough. The Talica 25II is a large CNC machined reel with a large line capacity. It will hold 880 yards of 65 lb braided line and has a maximum drag force of 45 lbs. The dual speeds allow you to reel in line faster (high gear) when the line is slack and the low gear for reeling in line under tension. The low gear provides more power. The Shimano Talica is a high quality trolling reel that is large enough to tackle just about any big game fish. Check out the Talica reel here…Shop Now at Amazon.com

Watch the Shimano Talica Reel in action against giant Yellowfin Tuna.

Shimano Talica II Trolling/Jigging Reel

Tuna Reels - Shimano Talica II 25II