Sporting Goods News on Twitter

So what types of businesses are using Twitter?

All kinds. Let’s take a look at Sporting goods for example.

Since I’m an outdoorsman, let’s look at some of my passions like shooting and hunting. My favorite handgun for self defense is the Glock and I follow Glock on Twitter. They provide industry news and new product introductions. You can ask questions or make comments about their products.

Another interesting business that has been around for many years is Crosman. Crosman also participates on Twitter. They tweet very useful information like safe gun handling, personal hunt experiences, hunting videos and new products. Pellet guns have really come along way since I was a kid. I had a Crosman 760 when I was 13 years old. It was a fantastic pellet gun and provided years of fun. Pellet guns are much more powerful today and much more accurate. You can hunt big game with today’s big bore air guns. If you are thinking about buying a pellet gun, check out Gamo, Crosman, Daisy, Umarex and RWS on Twitter.

In the gun cleaning arena is Frog Lube CLP. Frog Lube is also on Twittter. I follow them and have received free samples and helpful tips on their products. FrogLube is a fairly new business with an outstanding product. They use Twitter to reach millions of people. Lots of gun associated products are found on Twitter along with 3rd party bloggers who do reviews and tweet them. Read real reviews on new products as they are released.

Here is a big one…Remington. They also tweet on Twitter. Find out about new guns and gear before it hits the stores. You can get coupons and free gifts too.

One of the biggest retailers in Sporting Goods is Cabelas. They are also on Twitter. They tweet sales and promotions all the time. Get the inside scoop on the next big sale before it hits the newspapers. Cabelas has 173,000 followers and tweeted over 5,800 times. You can discover where to fish and hunt, what equipment you need, special events, gift ideas for Father’s Day and much more.

Twitter opens the doors to communication worldwide. It brings global news to your doorstep.