Spinning Rods for Tuna Fishing

Here are 2 spinning rods that are ideal for tuna fishing. One is a Shimano and the other is a Penn.

  1. Shimano Terez
  2. Penn Carnage II

These 2 spinning reels are great for tuna fishing because they are designed and constructed specifically for big game fish like tuna, marlin, sharks and swordfish. The heavier models are rated for 50-200 lb fishing line. Both of these tuna rods feature the awesome Fuji Alconite guides. These rods are lightweight but have a powerful backbone which is required for 200+ lb fish. You can check out the deals on these 2 tuna fishing rods here…Shop Now at Amazon.com

Shimano Terez Spinning Rod in action with the Stella SW Spinning Reel

Penn Carnage II Boat Spinning Rod in Action with Tuna – Video


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