Penn Slammer 3 Spinning Reel – Why Buy?

Penn Slammer 3 Spinning Reel – Why Buy?

The Penn Slammer 3 spinning reel is a heavy duty reel designed for big game fishing like shark, tuna, sailfish, marlin, etc. It’s great for fishing from the surf or in a boat.

Many charter boat captains use the Slammer 3 on his/her boats because they bring in the big fish and never break. Charter boats need happy customers. Happy customers catch fish. Case closed. You don’t want to spend a lot of time fixing fishing tackle on a charter boat. It’s a real pain in the butt.

Penn Slammer 3 spinning reel

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Penn Slammer 3 Features

  • Full Metal Body, sideplate, and rotor
  • CNC Gear™ technology
  • IPX6 Sealed body and spool design – keeps water out of the gear box and drive system
  • Sealed Slammer® drag system with Dura-Drag™
  • 7+1 stainless steel bearing system
  • Sizes 3500-5500 have automatic bail trip
  • Sizes 6500-10500 have manual bail trip

The Penn Slammer 3 is available in sizes from 3500 to 10500. The 3500 series uses line weights of 4 lb to 20 lb. You can use monofilament or braid. Braided line will increase the spool capacity which is needed for big fish. The 3500 will hold 220 yards of 20 lb braid or 310 yards of 10 lb braid. The largest model, 10500, will hold 845 yards of 50 lb braided fishing line. That’s HUGE. This spinning reel is great for really large game fish. If you want to big game fish on spinning tackle, the Slammer 3 10500 is the one to get.

Tuna fishing success demands the best tackle. Tuna are powerful swimmers and will run long and hard when hooked. Be prepared! Tuna are all muscle and built for speed. A large tuna will run out 300 yards very quickly. I recommend using a spinning reel with at least 400-500 yards of braided fishing line. I like 50 lb braid. It has the test strength for a large tuna plus gives you lots of capacity on the reel, like 700-800 yards instead of 500. It can make a big difference. I like more line on my reels when it comes to tackling big tuna. You can wear out a 400-800 lb tuna on 50 lb test line.

The Slammer 3 is a huge bargain in big game spinning reels. It competes with reels costing $1000+ but only costs a fraction of that amount. It typically sells for about $250-$350 depending on the model. Penn makes high performance fishing reels at budget prices. I love that!

Slammer 3 4500 Series – Monofilament Line Capacity: 425/8  320/10  235/12

Braid Line Capacity:390/15  320/20  250/30

Slammer 3 5500 Series – Monofilament Line Capacity: 430/10  330/12  230/15
Braid Line Capacity: 500/20  380/30  335/40
Slammer 3 6500 Series – Monofilament Line Capacity: 390/12 345/15 205/20
Braid Line Capacity: 485/30 410/40 355/50
Slammer 3 7500 Series –  Monofilament Line Capacity: 490/15 330/20 220/30
Braid Line Capacity: 530/40 440/50 400/65
Slammer 3 8500 Series – Monofilament Line Capacity: 455/20 310/30 260/40
Braid Line Capacity: 730/40 600/50 555/65
Slammer 3 9500 Series – Monofilament Line Capacity: 350/30 300/40 240/50
Braid Line Capacity: 730/50 670/65 435/80
Slammer 3 10500 Series – Monofilament Line Capacity: 435/30 360/40 255/50
Braid Line Capacity: 845/50 780/65 540/80