Mainstream Media Vs Twitter

Which news outlet provides “real” valid news? Mainstream Media like CBS, CNN or NBC or Twitter? Let’s examine them.

The shear method of news collecting and presentation makes Twitter the winner in presenting “real” valid news. Mainstream media has a process of gathering, processing and then presenting news. They collect the data then process it into a story. Are they facts or data biased? Manipulated? Or massaged if you will? Maybe. They are the professional broadcasters. They know what makes a headline and ratings and this is what their goal is….high ratings. Mainstream media only covers news or stories that will make high ratings. Their goal is to make money.

Twitter is much different. Twitter users post news for other reasons. They need to be heard or want change or want the world to see something like natural disasters, fighting, corruption, people helping people, etc. Twitter users tend to post what they see and hear with no preparation or processing of information. It’s news directly from the eyes or ears to Twitter. It’s the most direct news report possible. People are on the spot where the news is occurring. They write and submit videos at the vary scene.

Mainstream media are controlled by Governments or large organizations. The news is “massaged” and reviewed before being aired. News broadcasters have actually misreported events and had to make corrections later. This is bad news.

Twitter is not affected by any organizations because average people are the reporters and no one has control over them. They will find a way to report news in the worst of situations.

Here are some examples of Twitter providing the news first.

Cassy Hayes and Jasmine Coleman were the very first people to arrive outside the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medial Center when Michael Jackson was brought to and later passed away. How did they know so fast? Twitter.

Iranian protestors used Twitter to assemble protests and marches in Iran. They were protesting the election which they thought was unjust. Governments find it hard to control this type of media, People can tweet from their smart phones which makes it extremely hard to stop. Twitter news is often the most accurate.

The Mumbai terrorist attacks were first covered by Twitter along with the US Airways jet that landed in the Hudson River. Pictures and video were on Twitter before it ever hit TV.