Crosman Corporation on Twitter

Crosman Corporation has been around for around 50 years and is a great American company. They use social media like Twitter and Instagram to reach their audience and keep connected with consumers. Consumer input helps with new ideas and fixing/updating old designs/models. Crosman uses Twitter to get feedback from people and to announce news and events in the industry. People can also post pictures and videos.

If you are a shooter or hunter and you want to keep up on new technology in air rifles then Twitter is a great tool. Crosman announces new rifles on Twitter. They also have contests where you can win prizes like a new air rifle. You can also see how other people like or dislike their air rifles. Read what they shoot or hunt and where. There are also some air rifle reviews on Twitter but if you want detailed air rifle reviews check out Pellet

There are videos on Twitter on how Crosman air rifles are built at the factory. I know lots of people love to see how things are made and this is a great way to see it. The Nitro Piston 2 is the latest Crosman technology. It’s more powerful, requires less force to charge and is quieter.

Crosman also manufactures Airsoft guns as well as air rifles. The difference being plastic BB’s compared to metallic. Airsoft guns are great for tactical training and backyard target practice.

Twitter is a great way to communicate with manufacturers. If you have questions or comments, Twitter can help you be heard. There are lots of Crosman employees that tweet from the VP of Sales to engineers to production.