Tuna Rods – Okuma Makaira

The Okuma Makaira Saltwater Rod is an excellent choice for tuna fishing. It’s a new rod series from Okuma and was designed specifically for big game fish like tuna, marlin, sword fish and sharks. Performance and appearance are tops. And the price can’t be beat at $120 – $350. There are models for line weights of 20 Lb to 80 lb. These are first class trolling rods that are made tough and attractive.

You can shop for Okuma Makaira Saltwater Rods here….Shop Now at Amazon.com

Okuma Makaira Saltwater Trolling Rod Product Video

Custom Tuna Rods – Barrett Rod Company

If you’re looking for a custom fishing rod for big game fish like tuna, then please checkout Barrett Rod Company. They are one of the best and will make a tuna rod or shark rod to your specifications or they will make it to theirs…you’re choice. They build fishing rods one at a time and by hand. Not only do these custom rods perform extremely well but they also look like a piece of art. In other words they are Beautiful.

Barrett Rod Company

Here is a custom Shark Rod for one of Barrett’s customers. It’s the best you can buy.