Catching Tuna with Phenix Rods

I never heard of Phenix fishing rods before. I was only familiar with Penn, Shimano, Calstar, Barrett, St. Croix, Daiwa, Shakespeare, etc. I see quite a few charter boat videos featuring Phenix rods. So, I went to the website and read about the company and their products…WOW. I was impressed. Phenix Rods are awesome! The use nothing but the best blanks, guides and wrap…and skilled workers. They look super nice…like custom made rods. And they are made in the USA.

Phenix Rods Website

Watch Tuna Fishing with Phenix Rods on a charter boat.

Amazing 1000 lb Bluefin on a Light BH Jigging Rod

Here’s an amazing feat….1,000 Bluefin Tuna on a lightweight Black Hole Jigging Rod. The Black Hole Cape Cod Special 450 g model is a lightweight 5′ 2″ jigging rod that is not designed for 1000 lb tuna but it certainly did the job. If you look at the rod, you wouldn’t think it was a Big Game Fish rod at all….BUT it can be. It looks small and thin (appearance only). It’s a great jigging rod and can be used for trolling as well. It’s ideal for any fish weighing 150-300 lbs. The backbone of this rod is unbelievable. The rod weighs a mere 11.8 ounces.

Black Hole fishing rods are fantastic!