Shimano Talica II for Tuna

The Shimnao Talica II trolling or casting reel is a great choice when going after large Tuna like Bluefin, Bigeye, Yellowfin and Blackfin. The Talica II is a well designed and manufactured (CNC machined) reel that is very tough to beat at any price. It’s one of the best reels you can buy today.

The Talica II has a large line capacity ( TAC16II – 845 yards of 50 lb braid) which is required for giant tuna. You also need a really good drag system in order to tire out a 200+ lb Bluefin. The drag system has to be able to withstand long periods, sometimes hours, of heavy drag and constant tension without burning up. The gear system has to be bullet-proof or the gears with strip and you’ll loose your trophy fish.

There are countless charter boats that use Shimano Talica II reels. The reason they do is because they get the job done without failures. Charter boat captains do not want to fix fishing reels and so they buy the best fishing tackle. Case closed!

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…watch the Shimano Talica II casting reel in action.

Shimano Talica II Trolling Reel – Excellence

Shimano is well known for their high quality rods and reels and the Talica II trolling reel is no exception. It’s most likely the best trolling reel for tuna, marlin and shark.

Why is the Talica II so good?…the highest quality materials and skilled workmanship make this reel a top choice for competitive anglers and charter boat captains. There is no higher recommendation available. If charter boat captains stock his/her boat with Talica II’s then they are reels to have.

The Talica II is not cheap but nothing worth having usually is. You get what you pay for. It retails in the neighborhood of $500.

Watch the Shimano Talica II Trolling Reel in action…