Mack Tuna Fishing in a Kayak

Mack Tuna are a lot of fun to catch and since they are a smaller species of tuna, you can use lighter casting or spinning tackle. Spinning tackle is awesome with Mack Tuna. Mackerel Tuna are very strong and long winded swimmers. They put up a fight much bigger than their size and if grew to Bluefin size, would be unstoppable. Mack Tuna grow to about 35-40 lbs.

A great setup is the Shimano Stella SW spinning reel and an Okuma Salina 3 rod. The Shimano Stella SW reel is a fantastic saltwater reel. It has a great line capacity and a fantastic drag system. I would recommend braided line instead of mono for any tuna fishing. You can almost double your line capacity by using Spectre braided line. KastKing makes some really good braided fishing line.

Watch Mack Tuna fishing in a Kayak with spinning gear.

Avet Reels vs Giant Bluefin Tuna

Avet Casting Reels vs Giant Bluefin Tuna

Avet reels are super high quality and tough enough for giant Bluefin Tuna. There is one reason why charter boat captains stock Avet Reels….because they don’t break. There is no other higher recommendation than that. If you are contemplating on buying an Avet reel, do it. Charter boat captains always buy the very best fishing tackle they can buy….Avet Reels. I’ve seen many charter boats using Avet reels.

Watch exciting Bluefin Tuna fishing with Avet Reels