Best Tuna Fishing Reels 2018

The best tuna fishing reels are the Penn International V and VI trolling reel, Shimano Stella SW spinning reel and the Penn Torque II spinning reel. These are the top of the line in tuna fishing reels and are built big and tough. They have a large line capacity for braided line, feature heavy duty gears and state of the art drag systems.

Tuna are immensely powerful swimmers and will run hard and long. It takes some really tough tackle to wear them down and bring them to the boat. Most fishing tackle will fail on really large tuna like a 400 lb Bluefin. You need a reel with a line capacity of at least 500 yards and a maximum drag force of about 40+ lbs. The reel gear system needs to be heavy duty in order to crank a monster tuna in.

The absolute best trolling or baitcasting reel for tuna is the Penn International V or VI. It is the standard for tuna fishing. It’s built super tough and will do the job every time without failure. Most tuna charter boats use Penn International reels and rods because they know they will perform well and they need to make sure their clients catch big fish and bring them in. A lost fish will result in an unhappy client. That’st not good. Charter boats only use the best tackle.

Penn International V and VI Trolling Reel Product Video

The absolute top of the line spinning reel for tuna fishing is the Penn Torque II. It’s the largest spinning reel that Penn offers and is the 2nd largest spinning reel available. The Torque II spinning reel has a line capacity of 575 yards of 65 lb braided line. The max drag is 60 lbs. Many bluefin, blackfin and yellowfin tuna have been caught with the Torque II. There are quite a few fishing videos on youtube demonstrating the Penn Torque II spinning reel abilities against large tuna.

Penn Torque II Spinning Reel Product Video

The Shimano Stella SW is the biggest and best spinning reel for tuna fishing bar none. It’s line capacity is huge at 900 yards of 65 lb braid. That is fantastic for tuna and marlin. The maximum drag is 44 lbs. The Stella has caught many large tuna. You will see some in the video below. The Stella is well known for catching large game fish around the world. I’ve seen videos of Great White Shark and Black Marlin being caught with a Stella SW 30000.

Shimano Stella SW Spinning Reel Product Video

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