Best Penn Spinning Reel for Saltwater

The best Penn spinning reel for saltwater is the Penn Torque II spinning reel. It’s the biggest and best you can buy. If you are looking to catch big game fish like Tuna, Marlin, Sharks, Swordfish, etc then the Torque II is the tool to get the job done. The Torque II is super heavy duty with a fantastic drag system and a huge spool that will hold hundreds of yards of braided line. (*** Go shopping now….Buy Now at

Penn Torque II Spinning Reel Features

The Penn Torque II Spinning Reel is bulletproof and one of the best Penn spinning reels for saltwater. It’s sealed against freshwater and saltwater so it will last for many years. The Slammer Drag system is fantastic and state of the art technology. It’s most likely the best drag system designed. Penn uses a special material called Dura-Drag for the drag washers. The maximum drag is 44 lbs.

The Penn Torque II spinning reel has a monofilament line capacity of 330 yards of 30 lb test. If you use braid instead of mono the line capacity increases to 575 yards of 65 lb line. Always use braid line for big game fishing in the deep blue. It’s stronger, lighter and will give you more capacity for those long runs that Tuna unleash.

I’ve watched many videos of people catching Bluefin Tuna and Black Marlin with this reel. It’s awesome! Fishing for Tuna and Marlin is a long and hard battle but this reel holds up to the challenge. A high quality spinning reel will not fail during hours and hours of maximum drag stress. Cheaper spinning reels will fail when you apply more drag for extended periods of time. Don’t risk loosing that once in a lifetime giant Tuna or Marlin.

The Best Penn Spinning Reel for Saltwater – Torque II Features

  • Full Metal Body, sideplate, and rotor
  • CNC Gear™ technology
  • IPX6 Sealed body and spool design
  • Sealed Slammer® drag system with Dura-Drag™
  • 9+1 stainless steel bearing system
  • Instant Anti-Reverse bearing with silent back up ratchet

Best Penn Spinning Reel for Saltwater - Penn Torque II