Best Hooks for Tuna Fishing

The absolute best hook for tuna fishing is the Mustad UltraPoint Demon Perfect In-Line Circle 3 Hook. It’s actually the very best hook for any fish.

So why is it the best hook for tuna?

…It’s super strong and will not bend plus its design makes the fish set the hook so you do not have to. The In-Line Circle 3 hook will set itself. And you will always get a mouth hook…and never a body or tail hook. A fish hooked in the mouth is much easier to control and land.

Best una fish hook - Mustad Circle 3

Mustad, a Norwegian company, is well known for great fishing hooks and the UltraPoint Demon In-Line Circle 3 is excellent. I’ve always used Mustad fish hooks since I was 15. I never had a reason to try anything else.

Here is an interesting video on How Mustad In-line Circle Fish Hooks Are Made. It gives you an appreciation for this fantastic fish hook.