Best Deep Sea Fishing Rods

The best deep sea fishing rods are the Penn Ally Boat Casting Rod, the Penn Carnage II Boat Casting rod and the Penn Tuna Stick/International VI for heavy weight tuna, swordfish and marlin. Penn makes some really awesome rods and with very affordable price tags. You really can’t beat them. I grew up fishing with Penn tackle and still love their products today. Penn has been making rods and reels since 1932. They are still leading the pack and for good reason…they make awesome fishing tackle.

Penn Ally Boat Rod Product Video

Penn Carnage II Boat Casting Rod Product Video

Penn Tuna Stick/International VI Casting Rod Product Video

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The Penn Tuna Stick/International V and VI rods are suited for very large big game fish…over 400+ lbs up to 800 lbs. The International V/VI will handle 80 – 130 lb line while the Tuna Stick will handle 30-80 lb line. They are the very best boat casting/trolling rod for the biggest and baddest fish lurking in the deep blue. If you are seeking world record big game fish then this is the rod to get.

The Penn Carnage II Boat Casting Rods are best suited for for anything under about 500 lbs. The heavy model will handle 30 – 80 lb braided line. This is a great rod for Blackfin and Yellowfin tuna which mostly run between 25 and 200 lbs. You could also tackle Bluefin tuna but don’t go for a 800 lb fish.

The Penn Ally Boat Casting Rod is the heaviest Penn rod available. The Extra Heavy model will handle line weights of 80 – 250 lb. It’s a fantastic boat casting rod. This is the rod to get if you want to break any world record big game fish with 250 lb braided line. It’s one Beast of a rod and will defeat anything smaller than a Killer Whale.