244 lb Tuna on Penn Spinfisher Spinning Reel

The Penn Spinfisher V is just an awesome spinning reel for saltwater big game fish. It’s a tough workhorse that will bring in the “Big Ones” like 200+ lb tuna. The Spinfisher has a great line capacity and superb drag system. This is what you need to battle tuna, marlin and sharks.

Tuna fishing is brutal…on tackle and angler. It’s a long and strenuous battle….but very exciting.

OK…let’s watch it in action….fishing videos are worth a million words. So watch…

I’ve watched tons of videos and actually fished with a Spinfisher reel and they bring in the fish. I just can’t say much more. It’s just an AWESOME spinning reel for big stuff in the deep blue. I love Penn. Their rods and reels are exceptional and priced low.